Delivery Manager, Kessel Run Engineering Services

Employment Type Full Time
Role Type People Manager
Work Location Boston, MA
Customer United States Air Force
Project Kessel Run

About F9

F9 is a mission-oriented team of Principal Software Engineers that have come together to deliver modern software engineering capabilities to the United States Defense Industry. Our customers include the United States Air Force, Aerospace, Raytheon, and Harris.

F9’s CEO, Eric Schoonover, started his career as a software engineer at Microsoft and Netflix where he progressed from a risky hire with no experience and no education to a principal level software engineer. He co-founded a YCombinator-funded startup after leaving Netflix and eventually landed at Time Inc as Vice President of Engineering. Prior to founding F9, he was Director of Engineering for the United States Digital Service in the Executive Office of the President, and Director of Engineering at the Defense Digital Service in the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

All F9 principals have extensive private sector experience and deeply value a culture of effective software engineering, freedom, and responsibility.

About Kessel Run

F9 holds a multi-year contract with the Air Force contributing to the Kessel Run software development program. Kessel Run has changed how the Department of Defense organizes, codes, builds, deploys, and operates software in support of American warfighters.

The Kessel Run Engineering Services (KRES) team is based out of the Kessel Run Experimentation Lab (KREL), an entire floor of the WeWork office in downtown Boston. KRES is responsible for developing and operating a suite of shared services that deliver economies of scale to the software engineering teams addressing a wide variety of Air Force missions.

The KRES team develops and operates engineering, security, release, deployment, health & monitoring, runtime, identity, and a variety of storage services. Each of these services is leveraged by dozens of mission teams and hundreds of software engineers.


At F9, a Delivery Manager is a Director of Engineering level role with broad responsibility. We depend on our Delivery Managers for the successful delivery of multi-tenant software systems to one or more large customers.

As the most experienced software engineering leader on the project, you will be responsible for:

Required Capabilities

You have senior-level knowledge and hands-on experience developing, implementing, and leading software, infrastructure, and/or cloud programs. You have subject matter expertise on enterprise transformation within an organization, through previous experience of leading software, infrastructure, and/or cloud engineering teams to transform waterfall-based programs through the adoption of agile and devops best practices.

Other Qualifications


Working at F9

Generous Compensation
We came for the mission, but we know the market value of the best people. We offer generous compensation packages in-line with industry.

DIY Benefits
We give our employees a generous allowance to use on a healthcare plan of their choice from several flexible tiers and formats. If you don't spend it all, you keep the difference.

Gear for Professionals
We understand that having the right gear makes your life better, and your work better. Premium noise-cancelling headphones, a top-of-the-line computer of your choice, and a baller mechanical keyboard are all standard issue. Something else? No problem. We trust our team to expense what they need.

Unlimited PTO
As a group of senior and principal engineers, most of us have families and—quite frankly—amazing lives outside of work. Get things done, but take as much time as you need, when you need it.

Ownership & Freedom
F9 hires experts in their field and trusts them to make the most of their time. You will own every aspect of your work, because we trust you to be awesome.

Proper Playtime
Whether it's snowmobiling in the mountains or dining at some of the best restaurants in the world, our team outings are not standard corporate events. You will never be forced to participate in mediocre mandatory fun.